Lumenwire was born out of discriminatory experiences with financial institutions.

Sending money between developed and growing economies has been challenging for many immigrants, refugees, and international students. The banks claim “we treat everybody equally” regardless of their ethnicity. That’s far from reality.

Lumenwire removes all discrimination, letting people send money abroad at lowest possible true cost regardless of their ethnicity.

Our Story

Mehdi and Peyman were both university students at Simon Fraser University who had experienced great hardship in receiving financial support from their families in Iran. There was simply no safe way for them to access their parents’ hard-earned money that was generously made available to them. This was because banks refused to facilitate financial transactions between Iran and Canada to save costs.

Many families worked hard to help educate their children, feed their families, or keep a roof over their heads. Mehdi and Peyman believed that everybody had the right to safe, secure, and low-cost money transfer. So they brought it onto themselves to create a legitimate, transparent, equitable, and convenient platform for international money transfer under the supervision of the Canadian financial authorities.

Equitable money transfer – reliable, low-cost, transparent, convenient. We are empowering people who are typically refused service to be able to transfer money safely and securely.

Fully Online: Lumenwire is a fully online solution for international money transfer. You do not need to travel anywhere to call anyone unless you want to connect with our customer service representatives.

Easy to Use: Our web-app provides you with a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface where you can send money in a process that takes less than 5 minutes.

Low-Cost: Our prices are lower than any other service provider. Given the online nature of our services, we have been able to charge our customers minimal fees.

Live Exchange Rates: When you create an account, you will be able to see the exchange rates live as they change.

Pay Securely: When you make a transaction on Lumenwire, we connect you directly to your online banking portal through Interac Online or Shetab Network. At this step, you indicate to your bank how much and from which account they should pay us. You do not provide Lumenwire with any banking information.

No Hold on Your Bank Account: We only use guaranteed funds to deliver your funds to your account which prevents your bank from having to put your money on hold.