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Our Story


As immigrants to Canada, we have experienced the difficulties of transferring money in and out of the country first-hand. For many years, we were under the impression that the legal barriers made it impossible to have it better. So we came up with an idea.

Our team of experts brings you the first fully-fledged online solution for international money transfer between Canada and growing economies. To begin with, our first initiative is to help the international students in Canada. We know that for many years this community has had to navigate a very fragmented market with multiple exchange rates, make phone calls to inquire about information, and travel across the city to make a transfer. And we are here to solve all these problems.

Lumen will be your central hub to see the most up-to-date exchange rates and send money between Canada and your home country in a process that will take no longer than 5 minutes. We cannot wait to show you how much better we can serve you.

Our Story

How It Works

Choose the amount

Choose the amount you want to send and we will tell you how much it is in IRR or CAD

Choose the recipient

Choose the recipient. You can send money directly to then recipient's bank account or Lumen account

Choose your payment method

Choose your payment method. You can use e-interac in Canada or any debit card in Iran

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