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We want to bring more transparency to you. We offer low transfer fees with real-time exchange rate. There are no hidden fees.

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how it works

1. Sign up for free

Sign up online for free.You will have access to our secure system as soon as you activate your account.

2. Verify your identity

Verify your personal information to send money. You will need to submit documents in this step.
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3. Add recipient’s information.

Add recipient’s information. Money can be sent directly to bank accounts or to personal emails.

4. Add transfer amount & payment method.

Add recipient’s information. Money can be sent directly to bank accounts or personal emails.

5. Confirm transaction

Confirm that the amount to be sent, the recipient information and the payment method are correct.

6. Send

You’re done! You will receive an invoice with the transaction, and a message with the estimated delivery time.

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